2016 Race Series

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Ashbourne Triathletes 2016 Race Series

Date Race Length Swim Organiser
24-Apr BRAT Lichfield Sprint pool 3dtri
22-May Ashbourne Sprint pool Xtra Mile Events
29-May Bosworth Olympic OW Onyour marks
29-May Bosworth Middle OW Onyour marks
3-Jul Foremarke Sprint pool PMA
17-Jul Hathersage Hilly Sprint pool
31-Jul Blithfield Olympic OW PMA
10-Sep Vitruvian Middle OW Pacesetter Events
11-Sep Derby Etwall Sprint Pool PMA

General Rules

  1. Description

The club championship is designed to reward consistent high performances of club members whilst representing the Ashbourne Triathletes in a number of races across the season.

The races have been selected to give a cross representation of the different event distances and allow members to take part in events that are suitable for the current standard and ability levels.

  1. Qualifying Events

The list of eligible races is displayed on the club website and Facebook pages. To qualify for the overall championship a member must complete at least 3 of the races to gain a total score. It is possible to compete in more events but only the best 3 scores would be used for calculation purposes.

You MUST enter these races as Ashbourne Triathlon, Ashbourne Triathletes or Ashbourne Tri Club for them to qualify.  2nd claims will not count.

  1. Scoring Process

Your event time is calculated as a % of the winner’s time in your category age group. This determines that the overall winner is the best performer when compared to similar age group athletes.

The winner of each age group at the event is given a score of 100%. We then calculate your score as a % of the age group winner’s time. So if your time is 10% slower than the age group winner, you will score 110%. These % figures are then added over the 3 events and the winner is the one who is closest to 300 is considered the best overall performer.

For calculation purposes the time is converted to minutes and rounded up to the next minute.


Age Group winner time:   1hr 20mins converts to 80mins

Your time:   1hr 34mins converts to 94mins

Your adjusted score is   94/80 or 117.5% of the winners time

If you are slower by 105%, 104%, 106% across the 3 races your score will be 315%

If you win your age group at all 3 races then you score 300% (the best possible).