Ashbourne Triathletes – on Strava

Strava logo

Ashbourne Triathletes now have a ‘club page’ on Strava… so now you can see what we’ve been up to recently.

What is Strava? I hear you ask…. Well it’s a free web based application, which when used in conjunction with a GPS enabled device, will track, record and allow you to analyse athletic activities.

Or in simple terms it’s an app that runs on smart phone (or you can upload Garmin files to it) to track your rides, runs, swims etc. Like other GPS apps it gives loads of information like speed, distance, ascent, maps etc.

The clever bit is that when you pass through user created ‘segments’ it gives you a time and places you in a league table. Thus you can compete not in real-time with other riders or runners of that road or trail for the fastest time.

Here is the club Thursday night Winter Time Trial as an example…

And then it becomes completely addictive ….. Now if I can do Derby Road 10 seconds faster I’ll move up in to third place ;-)

PS you don’t get plagued with emails or adverts.