Club Championships 2017


Ashbourne Triathletes 2017 Race Series

Sprint Finish from Munch


Date Race Length Swim Organiser 
4th June Rother Valley Sprint Open water tlsevents
17th June Dambuster Olympic Open water Pacesetter Events
2nd July Foremarke Sprint Pool PMA
16th July Hathersage Hilly(Sorry race full) Sprint Pool Sheffield Tri
30th July Blithfield“       “ SprintOlympic Open waterOpen water PMA
6th August BRAT (Tamworth)“     “ SprintOlympic Open waterOpen water BRAT
20th August Erewash (Long Eaton) Sprint Pool StuWeb Events
10th September Derby Etwall Sprint Pool PMA
1st October Barcelona Ironman Open water Ironman


General Rules


Male and female club champions will be selected at the end of the year on first past the post performances in the races above where three or more club members are entered.

 Age Group Championship – to find the best overall male and female age group athlete.

To qualify for the age group championship a club member must complete 3 races over at least two distances to gain a total score. It is possible to compete in more events but only the best 3 scores would be used for calculation purposes.


You MUST enter these races as Ashbourne Triathlon, Ashbourne Triathletes or Ashbourne Tri Club for them to qualify.

2nd claims will not count.


Scoring Process

The winner of each age group at the event is given a score of 100%. Your time is calculated against the age group winners time so if you are 10% slower than the age group winner, you will score 110%. These % figures are then added over the 3 events and the winner is the one who has closest to 300 is considered the best overall performer.


For calculation purposes the time is converted to minutes and rounded up to the next minute.


Age Group winner time:   1hr 20mins converts to 80mins

Your time:   1hr 34mins converts to 94mins

Your adjusted score is   94/80 or 117.5% of the winners time

If you are slower by 105%, 104%, 106% across the 3 races your score will be 315%

If you win your age group at all 3 races then you score 300% (the best possible).