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About Ashbourne Triathletes

This club was founded in August 2014 and has grown steadily as the interest in Triathlons and Long Distance swimming has exploded onto the UK sports scene. The triumphs of the London and Rio Olympics has caught the imagination of the public and Ashbourne Tri Club and its affiliate Peak Performance Junior Tri Club are delighted with their progress to-date..

Currently the clubs offer Pool swimming sessions every Tuesday evening, Open Water swimming on Thursdays in the summer months, Cycling training at Darley Moor on Saturdays and lots of other training opportunities.


The Junior training events are spread through the week , please see the Peak Performance Facebook page for details (


The club are delighted to offer specific training aimed at beginners combined with one on one training for people aiming at specific events.


The club has some of the most experienced Tri coaches in the UK and the quality of tuition and training is second to none. The club also has a strong social side with numerous evenings spread through the year, pleased see our Facebook page for the latest news.


Ashbourne Tri club is for everyone , whether its a quick dip in the pool to swimming the Channel, from a waddle in the park to an Ironman event in Barcelona or from a cycle on Darley Moor to a leg of the Tour de France we can cater for all.


Please CONTACT US for more details or to become a member.

Click here to find out who's who in the club.


Ashbourne Triathlon
12th May 2024

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